The Mermaids Said No

Label: Independent
Genre: Conceptual Left Field Pop
Location: London UK
Influences: Kate Bush, Regina Spektor, Kate Miller-Heidke, Feist, Tori Amos
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“Her distinctive quirky style is embedded deep throughout her brand, both sonically, thematically and aesthetically. Known for dressing head to toe in bold, colorful outfits, Buckle leaves her mark wherever she goes, like a trail of sparkly glitter. ” Earmilk

“Get into lovely inventive madness right here” Critical Popcorn

Ebony Buckle is a London-based singer/songwriter, originally from the tropical seaside town of Townsville, Australia. Taking listeners on a whimsical leftfield-pop journey with her complex harmonies and imaginative storytelling lyricism, Buckle sings about universal themes of romance and broken hearts to more poetic themes of disgruntled mermaids, lonely whales and joyous, hypothetical alien invasions.

Over the last couple of years, Buckle has realised that in order to create an authentic narrative and preserve her unique creative style, she had to make her own music. She confides, “I am a naturally shy person and sometimes find it hard to be myself in front of other people, but music has really helped me connect to my true self. I feel like the songs I write come straight from my inner dialogue and they are a true expression of who I am”. She writes and performs with her husband, musician Nick Burns, who also produces her music.

Buckle’s latest single “You’re Loved” is a calming and encouraging song that we all need in our lives at the moment. Have you ever wished you could send a message to yourself, just to let yourself know that you are ok? Well that’s exactly what the songwriter has done, sending a reassuring message to her future self. Buckle confides, “This song is something I wrote one winter when I felt really lost and alone. The song just came out and it was like I had needed to hear that voice saying ‘it’s ok, you are ok’.” Sonically, “You’re Loved” builds and builds, elevating until we’re hit with a release offering a sense of freedom for the listener. Through layered harmonies, soaring string arrangements and atmospheric percussion, the emotional song delivers a comforting feeling.

Ebony writes and records her music with musician and producer Nick Burns (also her Husband). You’re Loved was no exception. The song is written in a call and answer style – the verses are full of doubt while the choruses respond as if another voice is speaking. Buckle sings, ‘take a breath and breathe it in, you’re loved, you’re loved, you know.’ Reminding us to keep holding on, the songwriter shares, “I hope this song finds people wherever they are and reminds them that they are loved. This is my hug in song form.”

The singer and actress has performed in The West End and on screen for the BBC. Her role in George Gently as a Geordie folk singer gave her the platform to perform her vocal talents and her music from the show reached number 1 in the iTunes World Music Charts. Buckle continues to have her original music receive extensive airplay from numerous BBC stations across the nation, garnering her considerable blog attention. Every day, through her lyricism, music and poetry, Buckle continues to feed our imagination with her beautifully kaleidoscopic music. Come along for the ride – her unique world is completely enchanting.

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