Hello and welcome to my Patreon Page! I think we will call it Ebony Buckle Land. Or…SPACE MERMAIDS UNITE, or LOOK AT WHAT IT IS IN MY BRAIN I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER IT SORRY. I have been talking about Patreon for about 4 years and can’t really believe FINALLY IT IS HAPPENING!.

If you have been following me for a while you may be slightly frustrated by my lack of available music. Trust me. No one has been more frustrated than I have!
I have so much music I want to share with you and I have decided 2020 is the year I make and release my first album. (pause to contain myself amid overwhelming excitement and panic).
I want this to be something I will look back on one day and think…wow…I made that.I am so grateful for all the wonderful support I have had for the music we have been making. It is because of this that I wanted to open up the whole process from start to finish. If you join me here you will basically be like my own personal record label!

Of course it isn’t just me making this. I have a partner in crime…the one and only Nick Burns. Producer, musician and all-round great guy. To be honest he is probably going to be doing about 90% of the work (pause to shake my head reassuringly at Nick).

So what is the structure of 2020 going to look like, should you join Ebony Buckle Land?
I have started with 6 tiers of support for you to choose from, each with different rewards. These will range from livestreamed concerts, to signed merch, to a new poem every week! Each month I will release a new song from the album exclusively for my Patreon Community (for tiers of $5 or more). I am also going to try my hand at creating artwork to accompany each song and I will share that process here!

The idea is that by the end of next year you will be able to hold in your hands an album that you have played a huge part in creating! Let’s cut out the middlemen and just make this thing happen!

I cannot wait to share these songs with you!
Whimsies UNITE!

Love, Ebony xoxoxo

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