Lay your head where my heart used to be, hold the earth above me. Lay down on the green grass. Remember when you loved me.”Green Grass by Tom Waits (Track 5)

This album is a collection of (mainly) covers chosen by the members of the Disco Lasers Tier on my Patreon.

Over the last two years, these patrons have sent us a favourite song they would like covered and we have made them in to our own. We loved this process and decided to share our own versions with everyone! It’s my hope that this will become a series of covers albums as we continue to record our patrons’ favourite songs.

Mixed and Produced: Nick Burns
Vocals and instrumentation: Ebony Buckle & Nick Burns
Strings: for “Silver Dagger” by Marion Fleetwood
Artwork: Rosie Emerson


Morning of My Life

This cover, originally by The Bee Gees chosen by Martin who is a member of the Disco Lasers tier on my Patreon.
Martin says: “I chose the song at the height of the pandemic when everyone had to stay at home the words in the daytime I will meet you as before in the shifting sands in the world that no one understands.”

Moments of Pleasure

This cover, originally by Kate Bush, was chosen by Phil who is a member of the Disco Lasers tier on my Patreon.
Phil says: “For my money, Kate Bush is the greatest singer-songwriter of all time. There – I’ve said it! As to “Moments of Pleasure”, it’s my favourite song of hers. Such a beautiful melody; and the lyrics: so personal and poignant!”

Sweet Dancer

This song, originally by The Waterboys was chosen by Juha who is a member of the Disco Lasers tier on my Patreon.
Juha says: “Dedicated to Mum. Just like the song by The Unthanks the lyrics are from a poem. Actually the whole album An Appointment With Mr. Yeats is based on poems by William Butler Yeats. I feel that put in musical form the poems affect me more. “

Hymn To Her

This song, originally by The Pretenderes, was chosen by Chrissy who is a member of the Disco Lasers Tier on my Patreon.
Chrissy says: “When I first heard this song, it made me feel strong and I felt it was about giving a woman power and honouring a mother. When I sing it out loud I feel love and beauty and know that I’ll always carry on somehow.”

Green Grass

This song, originally by Tom Waits, was chosen by Pete who is a member of the Disco Lasers Tier on my Patreon.
Pete says: “I have always loved Tom Waits, and I listened to this song after saying goodbye to a close friend who had been ill for some time.”

Fields of Gold

This song, originally performed by Sting, was chosen by Martin, who is a member of the Disco Lasers tier of my Patreon.
Martin says: “Fields of gold remind me going up to my father’s farm with my late wife and I said let’s walk through these fields of barley and there was a bit of a breeze we paused and everything just seemed perfect I still remember her and that day.”

Cat's in the Cradle

This song, originally by Harry Chapin, was chosen by Michael, who is a member of the Disco Lasers tier on my Patreon
Michael says: “I have loved this song since I was a kid and would always sing it to my son when he was small.”

At Seventeen

This song, originally by Janis Ian, was chosen by Margie who is a member of the Disco Lasers Tier on my Patreon.
Margie says: “Although I can’t relate specifically to the sad lyrics, I appreciate them. I mostly chose this song because I like the tune – I’ve always liked it!”

Silver Dagger

This is a song I performed 10 years ago in the BBC drama Inspector George Gently. Since then, this song reached number 1 in the world music charts and is responsible for many people discovering my music today so I am really grateful to it.
I decided it needed an updated version so this is a remake, using the original lyrics made famous by Joan Baez’s version.
It features the incredible Marion Fleetwood on strings.

Where Are You

This song is an original by Nick Burns and me. We wrote this during lockdown in 2020 and it was supposed to be on the album Disco Lasers but got bumped when we wrote You Took Your Time. We still wanted to release it as it’s a very special song, so it felt like a fitting end to this album of covers.


Patreon is the reason this album exists and I am so grateful to all the people who supported it. I was able to pay a musician to record strings on one of the tracks, to get CDs produced and music videos made, pay the licences of all the cover songs and all the other many costs that come with recording and releasing an album. I hope to continue to grow this community of wonderful people. See below for a full list of names.


Adrian and Jane Emerson
Alanna Mosley
Alastair McCreath
Alexandra Berglof
Allan Morgan
Amy Mcgruther
Annabel Bates
Arminelle Fleming
Ben Pearson
Carly Chandler-Morris
Cherry McDaniel
Chrissy Maguire
Claire B-Ward
Claire Davies
Damon Conn
Debbie Clements
Deborah Borg Brincat
Debra Davidson
Dennis Burns
Ebony Priest
Elizabeth Gauld
Farren Webb
Francis Cressotti
Freya McOmish
Gemma Wilson
Grace Panozzo
Harish Kohli
Heidi Streiner
Helen Walker
Honey Ryder

Howard Rankin
James Murray
James Wilcox
Jane Milburn
Jason Pooloe
Jessica Madden
Jessica Wilde
Jill Carman
Jill Patterson
Joshua Phipps
Joulie Fox
Juha Räsänen
Kat Price
Kate Madden
Lee Maguire
Leo Wimmer
Libby Evans-Illidge
Libby Stanton-Cook
Lily Cumberpatch
Lincoln Stone
Luke Ede
Lyndon Driscoll
Martin williams
Mary ede
Matt Burns
Maura Noonan
Melissa Tollefson

Meredith Adelaide
Michael Powell
Miriam Dooley
Ms Jessica Hodge
Natalie Holmes
Nick B
Nick Hendrix
Paige Cumberpatch
Pat Buckle
Patrick Brammall
Pete Buckle
Phil and Margie Foster
Phoebe Wilcox
Phoenix Robbins
Richard Maguire
Rob Maguire
Robert Burgett
Samantha Turk
Sandra Neal
Savannah Gardner
Spencer Moeller
Steven Boland
Steven McDaniel
Tony Willson
Valonna Baker
Wesley Schol
Xenica Aisling
Ysabel Bain