Disco Lasers

“I defy you to name another album as colourful and imaginative as Ebony Buckle’s Disco Lasers.” – Atwood Magazine

Ebony Buckle’s debut album Disco Lasers is a collection of audio-visual stories celebrating the wonders of our universe and how we as human beings make sense of our existence through folklore legends, science and our imagination.

Over the last year, Ebony has been building a community of poetry and music lovers around her music, who have been supporting her along the way as her patrons. Disco Lasers is an entirely independent release funded by them.

Mixed and Produced: Nick Burns
Mastered: Mark Dobson
Lyrics: Ebony Buckle
Music: Ebony Buckle & Nick Burns
Vocals and instrumentation: Ebony Buckle & Nick Burns
Drums: for “Who Remembers” by Laura Williams
Artwork: Rosie Emerson
Vinyl designed: Tom Fincham

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Patreon is the reason this album exists and I am so grateful to all the people who supported it. I was able to pay other artists to work with me, to get CDs and vinyl and merch made, to pay for PR and filming locations and all the other many costs that come with recording and releasing an album. I hope to continue to grow this community of wonderful people. See below for a full list of names.


Adrian and Jane Emerson
Alexandra Berglof
Amy Mcgruther
Annabel Bates
Arminelle Fleming
Ben Pearson
Bryony and John Barnett
Carly Slade
Cherry McDaniel
Chrissy Maguire
Damon Conn
Debbie Clements
Deborah Borg Brincat
Dennis and Hani Burns
Ebony Priest
Elizabeth Gauld
Farren Webb
Francis Cressotti
Freya McOmish
Gemma Wilson
Grace Panozzo
Heidi Streiner
Helen Walker
James Murray
James Wilcox
Jason Poole

Jessica Madden
Jessica Wilde
Jill Carman
Jill Patterson
Joshua Phipps
Joulie Fox
Juha Räsänen
Kat Price
Kate Madden
Kevin O.Bing
Lee Maguire
Leo Wimmer
Libby Evans-Illidge
Libby Stanton-Cook
Lily Cumberpatch
Lincoln Stone
Lizzie Franks
Luke Ede
Matt Burns
Martin Williams
Mary Ede
Melissa Tollefson
Meredith Adelaide
Michael Powell
Miriam Dooley
Jam Room Podcast

Jane Milburn
Jessica Hodge
Natalie Holmes
Nick B
Nick Hendrix
Paige Cumberpatch
Pat Buckle
Patrick Brammall
Pete Buckle
Phil and Margie Foster
Phoenix Robins
Richard Maguire
Rob Maguire
Robert Burgett
Samantha Turk
Sandra Neal
Savannah Gardner
Sophie Whitehead
Spencer Moeller
Steven Boland
Steven McDaniel
Tony Willson
Valonna Baker
Wesley Schol
Xen Ailing
Ysabel Bain