Harry and Ebony

When Harry met…Ebony,
It was next to the ivories.
At the strum of a string, they began to sing
Without further ado, they sang songs for two…

harry and ebony logo he.png

Harry and Ebony are a popular / folk act made up of Ebony Buckle and Harry Shearer: two established performers in their own right; now two halves of a new act. Ebony grew up in the North East of Australia, fighting koalas for food on land and learning to be a mermaid in the sea. Harry meanwhile led a country bumpkin’s life: running up Irish mountains, digging up beaches (towards Australia), and delighting in all creatures great and small, as a biologist.

For years they wandered the world, making music high and low, awaiting a sidekick to hum the right tune and join in. Ebony and Harry now play together with twice the volume, twice the enthusiasm, and a blooming fan base led by twice as many proud mums, on either side of the globe.

Their sound is quirky, popular, folky, acoustic, part mad, part serious, and with the odd surprise such as ‘Harry’z-loopy-beat-boxing-skillz’ and Ebony’s electric outfits and percussive, egg shaking enthusiasm.